Horizon 2020

Appel à projets European Green Deal

28 septembre 2020
31 janvier 2021

Cet appel à propositions Green deal de la commission européenne définit la voie à suivre pour une transformation fondamentale des économies et des sociétés européennes. Au travers de cet appel la commission européenne répond au besoin urgent de faire face à la crise climatique et de mieux protéger l'environnement et la biodiversité unique du continent. L’appel green deal porte sur le défi tout aussi urgent de contribuer à la relance de l'Europe au lendemain de la crise Covid-19.

La Commission européenne a placé au cœur de son mandat le projet de Green Deal qui vise à faire de l’Europe le premier continent climatiquement neutre en 2050.

  • Il est composé de 11 domaines/ thèmes transversaux ;
  • Il est doté d’un budget de l’ordre d’un milliard d’euros ;
  • Dépôts : fin janvier 2021.
  • Contractualisation automne 2021

En savoir plus +Le programme des appels green deal

Green Deal

The EU is at the forefront of international efforts to fight climate change and we support our partner countries’ efforts to address climate change, to protect the environment and ecosystems worldwide.

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. The Green Deal is Europe’s response. It will transform the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy where:

  1. There are no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050;
  2. Economic growth is decoupled from resource use;
  3. No person and no place is left behind.

We will continue to lead international efforts to build alliances with our partners. As a global leader, we are addressing global challenges; we promote and implement ambitious environment, climate and energy policies across the world. 

We will use our diplomatic and financial tools to ensure that green alliances are part of our relations.

The EU as a global leader

The EU is committed to lead as an example through the European Green Deal. The EU will continue to lead the international climate and biodiversity negotiations, further strengthening the international policy framework.

Each strategy put forward as key drivers of the European Green Deal include a global vision of the policy:

Biodiversity and From Farm to Fork

This is Europe’s opportunity to lead the way and help the world to adopt a robust global framework to halt biodiversity loss when negotiations take place in 2021 under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Strategy outlines what the EU aims to achieve and is ready to commit to at the 2021 UN Biodiversity Conference, including:

Overarching long-term goals for biodiversity ensuring that by 2050 all of the world’s ecosystems are restored, resilient, and adequately protected

Ambitious global 2030 targets in line with the EU commitments proposed in the new Biodiversity Strategy

Improved means of implementation in areas such as finance, capacity, research, know-how and technology

A far stronger implementation, monitoring and review process

A fair and equitable share of the benefits from the use of genetic resources linked to biodiversity and a principle of equality.

The Strategy also sets out ambitious measures in the sphere of EU external action through the EU’s ‘Green Deal diplomacy’, including in international ocean governance, trade, development co-operation, neighbourhood policies and resource mobilisation.

The EU will support the global transition to sustainable agri-food systems, in line with the Farm to Fork Strategy and the SDGs. Through its external policies, including international cooperation and trade policy, the EU will pursue the development of Green Alliances on sustainable food systems with all its partners. This will include cooperation with Africa, neighbours and other partners and will have regard to distinct challenges in different parts of the world.

To ensure a successful global transition, the EU will encourage and support the development of comprehensive, integrated responses benefiting people, nature and economic growth.

The EU will focus its international cooperation on food research and innovation, with particular reference to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The EU will build on ongoing initiatives, and integrate policy coherence for sustainable development in all its policies. These actions will reduce the pressure on biodiversity worldwide. As such, better protection of natural ecosystems, coupled with efforts to reduce wildlife trade and consumption, will help to prevent and build up resilience to possible future diseases and pandemics.

To reduce the EU’s contribution to global deforestation and forest degradation, the Commission will present in 2021 a legislative proposal and other measures to avoid or minimise the placing of products associated with deforestation or forest degradation on the EU market. 

The EU will apply zero tolerance in the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) and combat overfishing, promote sustainable management of fish and seafood resources and strengthen ocean governance, marine cooperation and coastal management.